chambermusic course BDZ 10/27-11/02/2024
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Sleeping Beauty overslept - Tour 03/15-03/23/2025

Click here to load YouTube video »Joaquin Rodrigo - Tonadilla - ARTIS GuitarDuo - Live«
Click here to load YouTube video » "Ständchen" by Johann Kaspar Mertz«

About the duo

There is no doubt that the ARTIS GuitarDuo has secured a permanent place in the international concert world. 

On stage their communication beyond words as well as their lively, emotional style of playing, create an intense, intimate atmosphere and turns a concert into a unique experience.


Discover their music whether in CD, DVD or as sheet music you can play yourself.



The ARTIS GuitarDuo continually shares their joy of playing with other musicians and enlivens the music world with new projects - whether at the opera, with children's concerts, in the conductor's role or with other chamber music ensembles.