Two duos - two places, both equally distant and yet connected.

Historically and linguistically, Spain and Latin America are deeply connected. Also the musical connection, with its combination of classical and folklore, cannot be denied.

Yet there is no form of monotony! Rather, the duos from Frankfurt and Hamburg spread out a multifaceted musical carpet for the listener. The ARTIS guitar duo (Frankfurt) captivates the listener with fiery works by Astor Piazzolla and Enrique Granados and repeatedly lets the Arabic influences shine through in Spanish music. Guitarra a Dos (Hamburg) focuses on the work of Latin American composers and presents original pieces from the Andean Territory as well as contemporary pieces from Chilean songwriters who process their experiences of political and emotional upheaval in the most intimate way in their pieces.

“It seems that the flute is open to everything in terms of its expressive possibilities.” (Georges Bizet)

Julia Zielinski has been performing in a permanent duo with Olga Reiser (flute) since 2018.
In their brilliant and varied program “Canciones i Danzas” they impress with a colorful mix of dances and dance works from a wide variety of eras.

With the famous tarantelle “la Danza” by the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini or Bartok’s “Romanian Folk Dances”- or with such sensitive music as Mikhail Glinka's Nocturne, they create a concert experience full of emotional contrasts.

YouTube: Mikhail Glinka - Nocturne "La separation"

Always open for new challenges, they inspired two unique tango dancers - Natalia and Jürgen from “TangoNJ” - for their project of dancing classical music works from the perspective of Tango Argentino.

YouTube: David Leisner - Dances in the Madhouse with Natalia and Jürgen

Natalia Berascola & Dr. Jürgen Schmidt have been teaching Argentine tango in their own studio in Wiesbaden since 2015. They travel throughout Europe and Argentina to learn from various Argentine masters of international repute.

Christian vor dunklem Hintergrund mit Dirigierstab
“A conductor is a skilled worker who requires twenty years of professional training.” (Herbert von Karajan)

Christian Zielinski has gained over 15 years of professional experience as a conductor. After studying choir conducting at the University of Music in Stuttgart (with Jörg Dobmeier), he took over the leadership of the Zupforchester Böblingen e.V. as musical director.

After moving to Frankfurt a.M. in 2011, he took over the management of the mandolin club “Spessartfreunde 1923 e.V. - with which he won second prize in the Hessian orchestra competition in 2019.

At the ceremony to mark the orchestra's 100th anniversary, he resigned from his permanent support of the association.

He continues his work as a guest conductor with other orchestras and often takes on the leadership of project and festival orchestras.

A clever text version about the little enchanted princess Sleeping Beauty, which is staged using sounds.

Narrated, played and accompanied with sounds by Chris Pichler, and brought into tension by Julia Zielinski and Thomas Richter (guitar and flute) and accompanied with rhythm and tones.

A clever text version of the little enchanted princess Sleeping Beauty, staged using sounds.
We hear the splashing of the bath that the little princess is taking, the chirping of birds, a frog croaking, the creaking stairs that lead to the attic with the spindle, the loom whirring. A slap in the face hits the cook's boy's cheek, a chicken sizzles in the fire, the trampling of the horse of the rescuing prince can be heard in the distance. We hear the voices of the fairies, the king and the queen, see crowns, costume pieces and props changing, the children and adults are invited to the ball game...

The Pegasus Guitar Quartet consisting of Ulf Borcherding, Martin Wenzel, Nick Kvaratskhelia and Christian Zielinski impresses at the children's concerts of the Pegasus series at the old opera in Frankfurt a.M.

Together with Verena Porrmann (concept and moderation) they are creating a family concert for children aged 3 to 6: "Around the world and back"