Curriculum Vitae

There is no doubt that the ARTIS GuitarDuo has secured a permanent place in the international concert world.

On stage their communication beyond words as well as their lively, emotional style of playing, create an intense, intimate atmosphere and turns a concert into a unique experience.

True to the motto „the guitar is an orchestra“ both musicians cover the full color range of their instruments and play completely by heart. The result is a communication and liveliness on stage that leaves a lasting, deep impression.

Numerous invitations to international music festivals and concert tours took the duo as artists, teachers and jurors to Italy, Belgium, Lithuania, Slovenia,Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic, Kosovo and Poland. Invited by the Goethe-Institute, they already concerted as cultural ambassadors in Brazil, China and Andalusia. As Soloists they played concerts together with the Leipziger Symphonieorchester, Frankfurter Solisten, new Chamber orchestra of Dresden or the Camerata suevica. The duo also join the Frankfurt Opera House regularly on selected productions.

Several first and second prizes at international chamber music competitions in Italy, Spain, Liechtenstein and Germany as well as many audience awards confirm the outstanding quality of the duo.
The guitar legend Pepe Romero has praised the ARTIS GuitarDuo as „exceptional guitarists and extraordinary musicans“. The newspaper RP writes: „A musical unity in a most perfect way“. During the years 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023 the prestigious radiostations SWR and HR broadcasted full-length concert recordings.

They successfully graduated with distinction from universities in Stuttgart, Frankfurt and in Hamburg, where they earned the honor of being the first guitar duo in the history of the university to acquire the highest postgraduate degree with distinction.

At the Age of 19 they had already recorded their first CD with premiere recordings of Beethoven and Pujol. In 2013 their second CD „Portrait“ was released by karlklang. In 2016 they both released solo CDs: “Versus“ and “Solo“, strengthening their quality as individual artists.
In 2019 they released their newest CD-project „Baroque Masterpieces“ with NAXOS and received great critical acclaim from the trade press. During the pandemic they produced a DVD with a program called „Guitaromanie a deux“ filmed in the beautiful hall of the Wiesbaden-Biebrich castle.

Julia and Christian Zielinski, both born in 1987, have been scholarship holders of the highly skilled foundations ING DiBa and DAAD. Furthermore, they regularly performed in charitable organizations for the Yehudi Menuhin Society "Live Music Now".

Julia Zielinski, born Hechler, discovered the guitar at the age of 8.

Already at a young age she developed a deep musical connection with the instrument, which was recognized with several "Jugend Musiziert" - awards.

Even when she was at school, chamber music was an integral part of her musical experience - whether in a duo, a quartet, with flute or in and with orchestra.

At the age of 18 she met her now husband Christian, with whom she formed a musical unit from then on. Together they won prizes at international chamber music competitions and established themselves in the concert world, both in their home country Germany as well as abroad. (see CV about the duo)

As a soloist, she completed her studies with top marks and distinction in both Stuttgart (with Prof. Johannes Monno, as well as Sofia and Ivo Kaltchev) and Frankfurt (with Prof. Michael Teuchert) . In 2016 she placed her concert exam at the Hamburg University of Music (with Prof. Olaf van Gonnissen) as ARTIS GuitarDuo, becoming the first duo in the history of the university with top marks and distinction.

That same year her debut solo album "Solo" was released on CD by “karlklang”.

In addition to her duo, Julia also collaborates in other chamber music ensembles - in a duo with Olga Reiser (flute), a quartet with Guitarra a Dos or with drama and flute (Chris Pichler and Olga Reiser) - and regularly takes part in productions at the Frankfurt Opera House. (see Projects)

Julia Zielinski teaches at the music university in Frankfurt and foster also enthusiastically young artists at the Musik- und Kunstschule in Wiesbaden.

During her career Julia has held scholarships from the ING DiBa, the DAAD and the Yehudi Menuhin association “LiveMusicNow”, for which she regularly gave concerts in charitable institutions.

Christian Zielinski is professor of guitar at the Wiesbaden Music Academy.

Born in 1987, he has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old.

Already at a young age he achieved more than twenty first and second prizes in national and international competitions, both as a soloist and in other chamber music ensembles - in a guitar duo, quartet, with flute and clarinet.

With his wife Julia, Christian formed the ARTIS guitar duo in 2006, which since then has established itself as one of the leading guitar duos in the world thanks to numerous international awards (Italy, Spain, Germany and Liechtenstein), three CD recordings highly praised by the press, and numerous invitations to important music festivals in Germany. (see CV about the duo)

He studied music education (with Prof. Johannes Monno) and choir conducting (with Jörg Dobmeier) in Stuttgart, completed his artistic studies in Frankfurt (with Prof. Michael Teuchert) and as part of ARTIS GuitarDuo passed the concert exam as the first duo in the history of Hamburg's University of Music (with Prof. Olaf van Gonnissen). He completed all of his studies with top grades and honors.

In the same year he released his solo CD “Versus” with "karlklang".

In addition to other chamber music projects in the quartet with Guitarra a Dos or in the PGQ (see Projects), Christian also regularly takes part in productions at the Frankfurt Opera House.

Christian Zielinski is deputy director of the Wiesbaden Music Academy and supervises a guitar class in the bachelor's degree program there. In the summer semester of 2023 he was appointed as a professor of guitar at the same university.

Since starting his studies, Christian has also been active as a conductor. He accompanied two orchestras for many years as permanent musical director, but also repeatedly takes on conducting for project orchestras or as a guest conductor for established orchestras.(see Projects)

Christian was a scholarship holder from the ING DiBa, the DAAD and the Yehudi Menuhin Association “LiveMusicNow”, for which he regularly gave concerts in charitable institutions.